Pattiann Withapea is a Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists who specializes in Custom Painted Pet Portraits and Abstracts. A self-taught artist with a whimsical style, Pattiann has been painting and designing since August of 2013 and is quickly making a name for herself. She has painted for Eric Clapton, , the Willie Nelson Family, Eric Carmen, the Glen Campbell Family and many other celebrities in the music and entertainment industry. Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers is also a painter and a big fan of Pattiann’s work. Michael’s message to her in August of 2015 reads, “Pattiann, Love your portraits! I really think it’s a noble endeavor to immortalize our furry friends and you do it beautifully. “ (Photo of Pattiann & Michael taken backstage after his concert in Temecula, CA. Aug 6, 2016. Michael is holding his canvas bag with the image of Pattiann’s “Blue-Ray” painting on it.)
In May of 2015, her painting of, “ Atom the Pug”, took first place in Art Vancouver’s International Online Competition. Her distinctive and instantly recognizable style has garnered plenty of attention and caught the eye of collectors the world over. To date, she has sold her works on six of the seven continents. Pattiann laughingly says that she is, “still holding out hope for Antarctica”.


Pattiann Withapea Fine Art
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Pattiann does not limit her artistry to portraits of pets however. She has attracted a large audience with her unique portrayals of Music Legends and has recently expanded that audience, in a major way, with her Abstract Paintings and Functional Art pieces. These new works will be the anchor pieces for her exhibitions in 2018. She is definitely on the rise and one to watch!

Exhibitions – Sotheby’s International Gallery, Victoria, B.C. Duo Exhibition with Richard Brodeur

Backyard Vineyards, Whiterock, B.C. – Duo Exhibition with Richard Brodeur – July 2016

The Vault Gallery, Nanaimo, B.C. – Solo Exhibition November, 2017

Chemainus Dinner Theatre & Gallery, Chemainus, B.C. Duo Exhibition with Richard Brodeur – April – August 2017

Groundwork Gallery Juried Small Works Show, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA – December 2017

Waterfront Gallery juried Fine Arts Show, Ladysmith B.C. – February 2018

Pattiann Withapea Fine Art
Pattiann Withapea wins first place in Art Vancouver`s International Online Competition


Artist Statement

Until I began painting, I had no idea that I had so much to express, stored up inside of me. All of my life I had
unwittingly been collecting and storing, a vast empire of colors, feelings, compositions, whimsical interpretations, emotional connections to places, artifacts, stories, music and imagery. This wasn’t intentional and I certainly had no way of knowing that one day, they would become the catalyst for expressing myself through art. Picking up a paint brush has shown me just how vast and rich that collection had become. It is like a giant suitcase that I unpack, one painting at a time.
I work in Acrylic Paints and Inks, as well as with Alcohol Inks and Resin with Pigments. My process when painting abstracts is rather unique. I lay down base layers of paint, mixed with my own medium to define my composition . Next, I use a variety of syringes to inject colors into the base layers to create effects. I then use palette knives and my fingers to manipulate the painting. In many cases, I apply several layers of epoxy resin to seal the pieces and give it a high gloss protective coating.
The external component that fascinates me is color. Glorious Color! The internal components of my work cannot be purchased in an Art Supply Shop nor mixed on a palette board. They are inside of me and they define my work in a creative language that I didn’t know I could speak. I get to revisit, relive, and interpret, the most profound, beautiful, impactful, and joyful experiences of my life, in a creative way, and share them with my audience. I hope that you will follow me as I continue to unpack.